Friday, 24 August 2012

Welcome to Asimov World

And so, the present has finally caught up with the future. Not only do we have hover bikes, but the science of psychohistory has now been born. Learn the future, right here (free login required) or here

PETER TURCHIN thinks he can see the future. Unlike the fortune teller you might find at a seaside carnival, he needs no crystal ball. Instead, the tools of his trade are mathematics and testable theories. Armed with these, his goal is nothing less than to revolutionise the study of history, turning it from a mass of anecdotes into a rigorous, predictive science.
Turchin calls his new discipline cliodynamics, after Clio, the classical Greek muse of history, and so far its biggest focus has been the fate of empires. Now Turchin is using patterns he has found underlying their rise and fall to make predictions of political changes to come. 

As usual, Asimov has (finally) been proved a visionary. And if you want your new born boy to grow up famous, you might want to name him Hari Seldon.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Free on Kindle!

Free Kindle ebook giveaway conspiracy thriller Free!

There, that should take care of the google search hits. Now, if you haven't already picked up a copy of The Sky Might Fall it's free until the end of the weekend.

If you have already got a copy, it's the perfect time to pick up an early Christmas present for your brother/wife/uncle/nanna who's so awkward to buy for. Because you know they'll love it. Or if there's a birthday coming up?

Free ebook Kindle giveaway conspiracy thriller is free for free download HERE:

Offer lasts until the end of the weekend. Other free Kindle thrillers are available.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Harry Vee Will Return in...

Remember those bits at the end of Bond films? 

James Bond Will Return


The Spy Who Loved Golden Guns

or whatever title was next in the series. Since I watched most Bond movies out of order, as they came up on television, I would watch a new (to me) Bond and then be told he would return in one I'd already seen. Still, I always admired the organisational skills needed to have the title of the next movie - which back then I presumed meant they also knew the story - at the time they released the current one.

Harry Vee will also return!

Due to various circumstances, book 2 has been on the back burner, the front burner, put off, put back on, kicked in the teeth and taken to the dentist. But it is starting to come together. Tentative release date of the beginning of June the end of the summer.

But I don't have a title, yet. So if you have any ideas, leave a comment or email me at mike_young_99[at] If I pick your idea then you will win...[drum roll]...the honour of having named Harry Vee 2!

And all associated bragging rights, of course.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The book giveaway was a huge success - well over 1200 free copies downloaded. 

Honestly, I started out hoping for at least 200. Ok, I wanted 250, really.

Now I'm not naive enough to believe that every single one of those copies will get read. But hopefully a great many will, and many of those people will like the book. Already some quick reader (that's you gr8toutdoors) has left a 5* review on 'The pages do not want to stop turning...can't wait to see more of Harry.' 

I can't tell you how much authors appreciate things like that. So if you've read a book lately that you liked, even mine, think about dropping a quick review on Amazon, or Goodreads, or just giving some stars, or giving a mention on Facebook, or a tweet, or anything at all. The more you help the writers you like, the more they will produce work you like to read. 

Like free Kindle giveaways, it's win-win.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Free For The Weekend

The Sky Might Fall is currently on one of those Kindle free giveaways. Grab your copy now while stocks last (that is - until Monday).

Available on or

Download it for nothing. Read it for nothing. Let me know what you think of it.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Last Chance At 99 Cents

Another great 5* review, this time on, which says "having started, I wanted to continue until the end, so switch off your phone and settle down for a long read, if you can."

I really, really appreciate any reviews and mentions, fb, twitter, a Like on Amazon. All these make a difference.

When I first published the book I was torn between a higher price, to make it look as though I was serious (which I am), and the lowest possible price, which I thought might entice readers to a new, self-published author. Well, the Kindle market is new and evolving, and all this is an experiment of sorts. Readers have 99 cent books coming out of their ears. There used to be a saying, 'everyone has a book inside them.' These days you could say that everyone has a book on Kindle. Everyone and their Nanna.

There is a lot of quality at the lower priced end of the market. And a lot of dross, too. Most of all, there's just a lot, and it's hard to stand out from the crowd before you've made a name.

So if you've been thinking about buying The Sky Might Fall then now's a good time to do so. Last warning before the price goes up, and I move the experiment to a slightly different sphere. Everybody likes a bargain, but there are also many people who believe you get what you pay for. 

For people who are similarly dipping their toes in these vast waters, I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

5* Review

The marvelous Marilou George, of the Kindle Book Review and Confessions of a Reader blog, has posted a sparkling review of The Sky Might Fall. 

I particularly like this bit:  

"This story will hold you hostage as Harry and Mui travel across East Asia and encounter turmoil at every turn. The writing style will keep you totally involved and on the edge of your seat until the final page is read."

But after careful consideration, my favourite part is this:

"Find a comfortable seat and enjoy the ride as you will not be able to put this book down!"

The review is already up on Goodreads, Confessions of a Reader, and (you can also read it from A really big thank you to Marilou for taking the time and making the effort. It's hugely appreciated.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

FREE e-book

Yes that's right, absolutely free.

Do you have a blog? A ton of Facebook followers? Are your tweets read by millions? Thousands? Hundreds? Scores? Have you got a bunch of book-reading chums on Goodreads or a similar website?

The Sky Might Fall is still available on Amazon for 99 cents or equivalent, but if you can help me spread the word then e-mail me for a free copy. All you have to do is agree to CONSIDER mentioning the book online whether in a review (good, indifferent, bad - I'm happy to hear the truth), a Facebook post, a tweet on what you're currently reading, a review, anything at all that will bring the book to new people and light some fires under my novel.

Asking for the book does not obligate you to anything other than thinking about maybe helping me out (and no I won't get offended).

Interview requests are also extremely welcome.

Email:  mike_young_99[at] or leave a comment below.

The Sky Might Fall is available as a Kindle file. If you would like another format (like .pdf) then ask away and I'll see what I can do.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Brilliant Brit-Grit author Paul D Brazill has been awesome enough to feature me as a Short Sharp Interview on his blog You Would Say That Wouldn't You?

Paul is not only a crime blogger of note, but also one of the best young authors out of the UK. Check his blog, check his writing, and check my interview.

Huge, huge thanks to Paul for hosting.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Getting Some Attention exactly what my book is not doing. Yet.

However, this is entirely expected and I am not in the least disheartened. There are, after all, thousands of ebooks out there.

I'm trying my best to get some reviews, but in the meantime, if you fancy a free, fast-paced short novel with high action and characters that will break your heart, email me.

That's right, absolutely free.


Emaill me and I will send you a free copy of the book, with one caveat: that you will CONSIDER mentioning it online. This could be a blogpost, twitter or facebook reference, either that you are currently reading the book, or better, a review of sorts. A good or average review would be fantastic. A bad one would be better than nothing.

However, emailing and accepting the book places you under no obligation except to think about maybe doing any of the above.

This offer is valid only until I become extremely rich.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

And We're Off

That's it, the book has been sent to Amazon and should be available for purchase (at the definite bargain basement price of just 99 cents. YES, JUST 99 CENTS) within the next few hours.

Now I just have to get people to notice it. Review sites here I come.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Cover Has Arrived

...and I must say I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. What do you think?

Cover for The Sky Might Fall

Started with a couple of ideas, a handful of pics and no idea how to use Photoshop. A late night with plenty of scotch followed. This was the second attempt. To be honest, the hard bit was buying a gun.

Final edit and formatting will be finished soon. I hope.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Here comes Harry

Working on the cover and the formatting now. Hopefully the first Harry Vee book, The Sky Might Fall, will be available soon on Kindle.